A brand new album


A Christmas Carol is a re-imagined musical narrative of Charles Dicken’s classic winter tale, based upon the abridged text that Dicken’s himself used to read from.

Conceived when Nottingham based band Lorna discovered a mutual love of Dicken’s with Steve Oliver, a Nottingham based writer, critic and broadcaster, Steve’s narration, recorded on the hottest day of the year in July 2017 was taken back to Lorna’s own ‘Stars of winnetka’ studio’s where the band produced around 80 minutes of original music between July and December 2017 – a brand new cinematic/dreampop soundtrack to Dicken’s much loved tale.

Talking about the idea behind the album Mark Rolfe (producer) commented, “Steve and I first spoke around this time last year, initially about the different edit’s of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. We then met up on a rainy night in February and sketched out a plan.
“We recorded the narration on the hottest day of the year and I spent a lot of the summer writing the parts. Writing a soundtrack to my favourite book has been a lifelong ambition, Steve was great to work with and is very connected in the Dickens world.  Musically I wanted the book to be a cross between the Twin Peaks soundtrack which is a huge influence on us and classic christmas movie scores like It’s a Wonderful Life and Scrooge. Parts of it are very dreamy and pretty, parts of it are very dark, for Lorna at least…”

The album is mostly instrumental with rich soundscapes and textures although a fully scored song. ‘Release’ is available as a digital single


The audiobook is available to listen to as individual tracks without narration (tracks 1-18) then as the full audiobook with narration in 4 Staves as Dicken’s always intended (tracks 19-22) from:


Steve Oliver is currently giving Dicken’s readings around the country. Lorna are putting the finishing touches to the their 6th studio album on Words on Music due out next year.

New live video

Lorna are proud to present ‘live in Cardiff’, a 25 minute video. Filmed in HD by Heinz Brossolat, Joe Marvelly and Wayne Mills with pro audio from Ed Truckell, ‘live in Cardiff’ shows off the dynamic and sonic side to the band. The video also acts a premier of the new song ‘The Secret Harmony’ (track 2) taken from the currently untitled 6th studio album. Other live tracks include As She Goes By, Understanding Heavy Metal Parts I and II, Like Alastair Sim and Bigger than sound (and greater than us)

Wales Goes Pop

We are delighted to confirm our first show of the year,  we will crossing the border to Wales and performing alongside bands such as Honeyblood, The School and Joanna Gruesome at this years Wales Goes Pop Festival. We will be playing on the Sunday,  tickets and information here  https://www.facebook.com/events/1210411139028180/


Snowfall – New song, free download

Here’s something brand new. ‘Snowfall’ which comes as a free download is composed by Matt Harrison (flautist/guitarist). Recalling Matt’s days of living and studying in Moscow in the early 90’s the pays tribute to classic winter songs such as ‘Fairytale of New York’. Snowfall is rich in strings, brass, wind, echoey guitars, brushed drums and stacked harmonies. It is taken from our forthcoming 15 track Christmas album ‘The Stars of Winnetka’ which is released on December 9th. There’s another new track coming your way on Thursday, and it’s a cover of a Coastal song!snowfall

Our new holiday album

The Stars of Winnetka, Deluxe edition is the brand new holiday CD from Lorna.


The 2016 deluxe edition includes 9 songs originally released as a digital album in 2013, and in addition features 6 extra tracks. The CD is made available as a physical release, signed and gift-wrapped.

Limited to just 100 copies, the album will be released on December 5th 2016, but due to the limited number of copies available we have launched a pre-order facility on our bandcamp website.

The Deluxe Edition CD features:
– All 9 original tracks from the 2013 edition
– Like Alastair Sim (2014)
– Like John Candy (2015)
– Snowfall & Snow in Bethlehem (2016)
– The First Person to Arrive (live, 2013)
– Like Alastair Sim remix (by Silverman)

Pre-order now at https://lornatheband.bandcamp.com/album/the-stars-of-winnetka-deluxe-edition


New album, new store

finished artwork

Something brand new from us, of sorts.

Somewhere your life the winter is dying: Recordings from 1999-2003. 16 track album available digitally now from www.lornatheband.bandcamp.com which is our brand new line store featuring signed cd’s, limited edition t-shirts and the remaining 10 copies of our 2001 7″ single ‘November Kicks Again’.

This 16 song digital only album is a collection of Lorna’s work from their inception in around 1999 to the release of their debut album in the autumn of 2003. It also features many of the tracks that Lorna had success with on the much missed mp3.com.

Somewhere in your life the winter is dying (the intended title for their debut album, This Time, Each Year) includes studio recordings, home recordings of early songs as well as alternate and demo version of songs that made it onto ‘This time, each year’ and ‘Static Patterns and Souvenirs’.

During this time Lorna were briefly signed to EMI Music Publishing by Jeff Barrett (Heavenly Recordings) and spent time in the studio working other Nottingham musicians such as Chris Olley (Six.by Seven) and Richard Warren (Echoboy). Alongside existing Lorna members of Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Andy Bullock and Matt Harrison these tracks feature contributions from early members who have gone on to have success in bands of their own.
released August 31, 2016

Written, recorded and produced by: Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Matt Harrison and Andy Bullock

With thanks to:

Chris Moore (When the sun hits): Guitar
Helen Maddison (Spaceships are cool): Viola
Peter Morley (Model morning/winterhouse): Voice/Drums
Corey Cunningham (Terry Malts): Voice/Guitar
Kate Clarkson (The Melons, The Fat Tulips); Voice
Jorge Martinez (Drums)
Lee Burdus (Drums)
James Allen (Bass/Voice)
Simon Patterson (French Horn)
Hilmar Hauer (Trumpet)

Special thanks to Aaron Jasisnki (you sail on)

Additional producers: Guy Elderfield, Richard Warren, Chris Olley
Artwork: Matt Harrison



A new solo album..

For fans of: David Lynch, The KLF, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Haiku Salut jump to tracks: 3. Spindle Waves and 5. Delta Waves

Sleeping on Trains is the 3rd album in the ‘Sleeping on Trains’ series by Mark Rolfe (Lorna).

Using a series of field recordings made in August 2016, the idea is to use those loops and play them back live alongside loops of heavily delayed guitar, piano, strings and old tapes. I was always fascinated by KLF’s Chill Out album and how the entire album was recorded live using samples as instruments. As in the previous two volumes, the theme for this album is transportation, and many of the field recordings were captured live on trains, buses, subways and planes. Additionally, a lot of the ambience recording was done from huge open spaces and cathedrals, especially in Italy.

The recordings were made between Prague and Rome between August 8th – 19th 2016 and the music was recorded between August 22nd and 27th 2016. I always wanted to record as much of the album live without any overdubs, and mix it as it was being recorded, hence why the process was very quick.

The album was recorded in my home studio in Nottingham, England and the artwork once again gratefully created by Josh Callaway (Coastal).

Mark Rolfe – August 2016.

Out now: https://markrolfe.bandcamp.com/album/sleeping-on-trains-volume-iii-2

All summer long

Thanks to everyone supported us this summer, it was lovely to meet so many new people. Our hometown show at The Bodega was very memorable, it was wonderful to see such a great (and animated) crowd in.  Indietracks was a memory we will treasure for a long time too.

There’s a few show announcements looming, until then it’s time to get that new album mixed!.  Our lovely friend (Dr) Rein Ove Sikveland is going to take a break from playing with us but will most likely still to be involved in the recording process. He’s a terrific friend, a wonderful brain and unbelievable musician.   We our delighted to announce that (Dr) Anna Quine who covered for Rein over the summer will be sticking around for the long run too. thanks Anna!  Mark –


Photo: (The) Wayne Mills.