Andrew, Rein and Wayne

Lorna are delighted to have added 3 new people into the Lorna line-up for their current shows and foreseeable future.   Drummer Andrew McNamara, Violist Rein Ove Sikveland are to join the band and long time friend of the band Wayne Mills will be adding a more sonic and visual element to the live shows with projections and multimedia.

Venus in Furs…

Lorna are both excited and proud to announce they have been confirmed to be the opening act for the legendary British Post-Punk band The Psychedelic Furs at Rock City, Nottingham on July 6th.  Lorna are  to perform as a full six piece band with a multimedia, light and video show.  The gig will be the first official event to mark the start of the new album ‘Heart Of Wire’ campaign.


Heart Of Wire

Lorna have now finished the recording and mixing of their fourth album, tentatively entitled ‘Heart Of Wire’.   It will be released once again by words on music in the autumn.   The album was recorded at the band;s home studio in Nottingham and features 8 new original tracks as well as a cover of ‘Whose Idea; originally by the brilliant For Stars.    The album continues the tradition of summery indie-pop music but moves away from the more folk/country-inspired material and into more groove-based influences such as Stereolab, Kraftwerk and The American Analog Set.

The album will be accompanied by a series of live shows in the Autumn.   A trailer for the album will be posted very shortly.

If you’ve already found this..

The site is getting there but it’s not launched yet.  The images need some work and are in the test phase and the typeface and font is not there but the content is getting there in what we hope we be a portal to navigate our music, videos, sounds and images and allow you to interact with us on various social media sites.  It should hopefully finally allow us to be separated from the Columbian singer of the same name!