New album, new store

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Something brand new from us, of sorts.

Somewhere your life the winter is dying: Recordings from 1999-2003. 16 track album available digitally now from which is our brand new line store featuring signed cd’s, limited edition t-shirts and the remaining 10 copies of our 2001 7″ single ‘November Kicks Again’.

This 16 song digital only album is a collection of Lorna’s work from their inception in around 1999 to the release of their debut album in the autumn of 2003. It also features many of the tracks that Lorna had success with on the much missed

Somewhere in your life the winter is dying (the intended title for their debut album, This Time, Each Year) includes studio recordings, home recordings of early songs as well as alternate and demo version of songs that made it onto ‘This time, each year’ and ‘Static Patterns and Souvenirs’.

During this time Lorna were briefly signed to EMI Music Publishing by Jeff Barrett (Heavenly Recordings) and spent time in the studio working other Nottingham musicians such as Chris Olley ( Seven) and Richard Warren (Echoboy). Alongside existing Lorna members of Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Andy Bullock and Matt Harrison these tracks feature contributions from early members who have gone on to have success in bands of their own.
released August 31, 2016

Written, recorded and produced by: Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Matt Harrison and Andy Bullock

With thanks to:

Chris Moore (When the sun hits): Guitar
Helen Maddison (Spaceships are cool): Viola
Peter Morley (Model morning/winterhouse): Voice/Drums
Corey Cunningham (Terry Malts): Voice/Guitar
Kate Clarkson (The Melons, The Fat Tulips); Voice
Jorge Martinez (Drums)
Lee Burdus (Drums)
James Allen (Bass/Voice)
Simon Patterson (French Horn)
Hilmar Hauer (Trumpet)

Special thanks to Aaron Jasisnki (you sail on)

Additional producers: Guy Elderfield, Richard Warren, Chris Olley
Artwork: Matt Harrison