Midflight is a new piece of music from Mark Rolfe, an ambient piece with influences from Brian Eno, The KLF and The Aphex Twin. Midflight was written, recorded, mixed during a flight from Manchester to Tel-Aviv on April 2nd 2014 (somewhat unprompted when the James Bond films I ripped to my macbook didn’t work). Using Logic Pro’s soft synths and samples (in particular Arturia’s excellent Minimoog plug-in) and sounds recorded from the cabin, the entire 12.30 minutes of Midflight was completed in just over 4 hours.

It is free to download but any donations will go straight to the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the incredible project ran by Daniel Borenboim. Borenboin has a vision of arts overcoming conflict. I am a huge supporter of this Orchestra

You can stream and download Midflight here http://markrolfe.bandcamp.com/

You can read, learn and be inspired by Daniel Borenboim’s work here: www.west-eastern-divan.org